Winter Wildlife

Winter Wildlife

Foxes, moose, deer, wolves, coyotes, and a bunch of birdies. Just to name a few, this is our winter wildlife line up.

I’m sure, regardless of which part of Northern Ontario you’ve visited, that you’ve seen footprints of one, if not all of the animals I mentioned above.

At Lake Lauzon, we’re a hub for natural wildlife (I think it must be the view). Odds are, if you’re up at the crack of dawn walking through the trails, you’ll see a bunch of freshly laid tracks, maybe even catch a glimpse of our resident moose!

We’re most famous for foxes, moose, deer and the birds. Luckily, we don’t have the coyotes bugging us too often!

What’s your favourite species of animal to spot? Have you noticed a particular area they congregate? Any amazing wildlife photos you have to share with us? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you all!

Now, hopefully…this’ll be the end of the “Winter Wildlife” segment for the year, bring on bear season! (Oh…and bee careful! See what I did there?)

Keep on exploring, fellow adventurers! ‘Til next Winter!