Winter Activities In Ontario

Winter Activities in Ontario



In Ontario, there is never a shortage of activities to do outside no matter the season! We’re so lucky to have such a rich environment, filled with beautiful trails and hills, mountains and valleys. Odds are, you’ve explored a fair amount of your surrounding area, but there’s so much more out there waiting for you!

At Lake Lauzon, we couldn’t of asked for a better location to call home. It feels as if the environment completely changes each season, always hiding different surprises. If you ever have a chance, come visit and borrow a pair of snowshoes. Start in one direction, and you’re bound to find something to write home about! Whether it’s a beautiful landscape, cute little paw prints, pure serenity or even a big old moose, it’ll be a highlight of your season!

What are your favourite winter activities in Ontario? Snowmobiling, skating, ice fishing, curling, building snowmen? Let us know and stay warm!