Ice Fishing Tip #3 – Head for the Roll


Here is Outdoor Canada's third ice fishing tip. They say to "head for the roll".

"From a structure perspective, the easiest lakes to ice fish are shallow and flat-bottomed with little structure. These are my favourite lakes for catching crappie, perch, pike, sauger and walleye because the fish concentrate in just a few isolated deep holes. Deep, of course, is relative—if most of the lake is less than 12 feet deep, a cavernous, fish-filled winter pocket may be only 17 or 20 feet beneath your boots. Note that the fish in such featureless bodies of water tend to stick close to bottom, so you often won't spot them on your sonar screen. But just drop a tiny jig tipped with a minnow, wax worm or maggot into a barren-looking hole and you'll see the panfish rise up from the bottom to intercept it. The same goes for the bigger predators, using a larger spoon or jigging lure. In late March and April, on the other hand, these shallow lakes are prone to oxygen depletion, so your sonar will often show the fish hovering in the water column. When this happens, forget about using live bait and adopt a much more aggressive jigging approach."

Check back soon for tip #4!