The Bayside Dock


While browsing through poetry on, we found a great poem that really describes the joy of being on the dock in the warm weather. This poem brings on fond memories of sitting dockside in the summer and gets us excited for the weather to get warmer. Enjoy! 

Bayside Dock

by Devin Blazejowski

I sit on the old wooden panels 
Making up the bayside dock 
Not a sound to be heard 
A single lantern providing 
A small amount of light 
In a sea of darkness
I stare into the water 
Seeing nothing but black 
It's as if 
If I were to jump 
I'd fall endlessly into an abyss 
In the distance are the silhouettes of trees
Bordering the water
The horizon just barely looking over 
Trying to get a peak 
I touch the water 
A ripple races through 
Like broken glass 
It's on the old wood panels 
Of the bayside dock 
I find happiness