Superhost Airbnb!

Superhost Airbnb!


Just a quick shout out to all of our guests, from far and wide. We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for all of you lovely folks.

For 2017, we have received the title of Superhost Airbnb! We are so thankful, grateful and humbled by our opportunity to run this beautiful resort. Lake Lauzon has clearly won over the hearts of many, but our word of fun, sun spotted summer days has yet to reach everybody!

We have some work cut out for us!

What’s your favourite part of Lake Lauzon Resort?

The water, the fishing, the ice cream, the boats, the bed & breakfast, the tenting, the camping, the bonfires, the marshmallows, the friends and family, the barbecue, the trails, the birds, the adventure. Let us know!