Spring: The Thaw

Spring: The Thaw

Spring has sprung! The snow is melting, the ground is thawing, the mud is a plenty!

Springtime is such a magical experience around Lake Lauzon. The warm winds are beginning to bring life back to the surrounding area.

Pay attention, see those little buds on your crab apple tree, or the tulips slowly waking up?

It’s a great time to really appreciate the nature and diversity we have in our area. The woodland creatures are starting to become more active and lively.  I’ve personally missed seeing the chipmunks!

Within a month or so, we’ll be able to witness the flowers blooming, baby deer prancing around, rays of sunshine hitting the mucky trails.

Sounds like quite the fairy-tale, am I right? Come visit, and spend some time in our cozy little B&B, and watch for yourself!

Summer is just around the corner, but let’s take time to wonder over the magical beauty that is our Northern Ontario Spring.