Smart Ice Fishing Snacks


A day of ice fishing is not all about the food. It's about getting out and enjoying the outdoors, the good company (or quiet) and, of course, the sport. Even though the food plays a small part in the enjoyment of the day there are several important things to consider when packing snacks for the day. Food brought with you on the ice fishing trip should be easy to transport and prepare and keep you satisfied and energized.
Considering these factors will allow you to focus on fishing and not how hungry you are. 

We have collected a few great suggestions for food to bring out the ice.

First, dehydrated foods. They are light, filling and nutritious and will allow for easy transport and preparation and avoid spoilage. Good dehyrated foods to consider include beef jerky or dried fruit. You can also consider the more expensive dehydrated meals found at your local camping/fishing store for more of a meal. 

Second, granola. There are endless possibilities in the world of granola. Bars, cereals, premade or homemade. You can collect your favourite grains and nuts from around the house and add to your favourite cereal for a loaded snack. Filled with protein, sugar and fibre, it will keep you going all day. 

Third, energy bars. A compact, convenient treat that's ready to go and filled to the brim with energy. These speak for themselves. 

Fourth, the classic sandwich. There are a world of sandwich options and your taste determines which way to go. Easy to prepare and store, sandwiches make the perfect lunch while on the ice. 

Last, drinks! Brining along a selection of hot and cold drinks will keep you hydrated and warm all day. Pack a few thermoses of hot water to make tea, instant coffee or hot chocolate throughout the day. Hot water can also be used to make instant soups or oatmeal. Cold water is also very important to keep you hydrated, which in turn will keep you energized and warm.

Do you have any great snack suggestions for a day of ice fishing?  Let us know! 

See you on the ice!