Planning your Summer: Paddling the North Channel

Oct192013 097

“The North Channel is a body of almost-land-locked water that sits at the top of Lake Huron, east of Sault Ste. Marie. Like nearby Georgian Bay, the channel boasts sheltered passages, hundreds of islands and inviting coves, but unlike its neighbour, it’s relatively quiet, which is one of the reasons why Caribou Expeditions leads a sea-kayaking trip here.”

An expedition company called Caribou Expeditions has recorded their summer paddling adventure through the North Channel. This article does a great job summarizing the tranquility and beauty that is the North Channel and if you are interested in following suit, this would be an excellent article to review.

The author speaks of the North Channel’s beaches, beautiful water and the tranquility compared to its big sister Georgian Bay. 

Lake Lauzon Resort is situated very close to the mouth of the channel and would make a great rest stop at the end of the long journey.