Lemon Curd Parfait

Lemon Curd Parfait


"The lemon flavor will make you pucker up!"


Nice and easy summer recipe. 

1 cup fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp lemon zest
1 cup sugar
4 egg yolks
½ cup unsalted butter, cubed
¼ tsp vanilla
¼ tsp salt

In a double boiler, mix together lemon juice, zest, sugar and egg yolks. 
Turn heat on medium and stir continuously. You’ll see the mixture froth, then thicken.
Once desired thickness is achieved, add cubed butter, vanilla and salt. Stir until everything is incorporated. Place in fridge to cool with plastic wrap seal. 

To assemble. Whip 1 cup of heavy cream with vanilla and powdered sugar. In tall glasses, place berries at the bottom, layer with 2 tbsp of lemon curd, and whipped cream. Repeat until glass is full. Best enjoyed on a deck with a view of the lake!