Lauzon Fall Wildlife

Lauzon Fall Wildlife


The Fall is one of the most picture perfect times around lake Lauzon. We are thankful for each tree, leaf, and color that mother nature provides.

It’s also one of the best hunting seasons for many avid hunters. Partridge, deer, and wild turkey are some of the in season game to be looking out for.

There are many trails, routes, and different forests to explore around Lake Lauzon. Each of which plays host to different animals. Knowing your area is the number one advantage any hunter can have. It can take years and lots of patience to find the perfect field where deer tend to stay, or that one good pine tree that hides the partridge so well.

A few tips to ensure your safety, and fun this hunting season!

  1. Always wear reflective orange vests, hats, and any other gear you can find in neon orange. This ensures your safety, and it’s a good quick form of communication between different groups of hunters.

  2. Know your surroundings. Keeping a map & compass on you is always important when exploring any new found area. The woods around Lauzon can get very thick and dark, very quickly.

  3. Keep track of different hunting seasons, the MNR is always around the corner.


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