Lake Lauzon Resort: Trans-Canada Cycling Haven


As an avid cyclist, a dream of mine since childhood has been to bike across our beautiful country. Canada being the 2nd largest nation on the planet, this is no easy task, yet dozens of people stop by the Lake Lauzon Resort every summer, halfway through this tremendous journey. Some are fully equipped with state of the art bicycle touring gear, others employ beat-up 2nd-hand gear, but a common denominator is spirit, endurance, and an appreciation of the size of their homeland, at least by the time they reach Algoma Mills. Canadian hospitality goes a long way for there travelers, and they will find it in abundance at the Lake Lauzon Resort. Showers, a warm bed, and a hearty breakfast are hot items for this category of guests. If you are planning a trans-Canada bike tour, make sure to include a pit-stop at the Lake Lauzon Resort!

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Article by Mike