Lake Lauzon, not the Last Resort

Customer feedback

"It takes over an hour to get out of the city. Rush hour traffic, gets me everytime. Slowly but surely the grind is replaced by the quiet, and I feel the relief growing inside. I see the first sign: Lake Lauzon Resort, 12 minutes". A short while later, the second sign, it's very close now. I park between the ice cream shack and the meat smoker, and a weight begins to lift off my shoulders. I drop my bag and lay out on the bed.


Sitting in the soft tub, overlooking Lake Lauzon, toque on to protect against the cold night air, steam rising to create an air of mystic, the perfect mirror images of christmas lights dance on the lake ice. I think about the past day: snowshoeing with the dog, kilometres of trails nearby to chose from; playing music on the well broken-in upright piano; going for a skate on the lake. I notice the stars are out, a beautiful clear night, and I slump down into the water to cap it all off. I might take in a sauna later. I might jump in the snow if I'm feeling adventurous. No worries, there is always hot apple cider ready to go to warm me back up. That doesn't sound so bad. I get into my housecoat and slip back into the lounge for a cup.


Thinking of summer here brings me fond memories as well. Gathering around the bonfire down by the water, live music up on the stage to entertain us. The owner Marc's fingers dance over the keys and he belts out the classics. There is a good stock of kayaks and canoes, with no shortage of lake to explore. There are boats for fishing or simply for joy rides. On that same note, nightly sunset cruises are a beautiful way to usher in the evening. Take a dip in the lake day or night, take the 10 minute walk down to the public beach. The water's always lovely. The rustic feel of the wood stove heated lodge makes it easy to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city; the comfortable rooms and cabins make it hard to remember it."



-Mike Meunier