Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

This season, Lake Lauzon was a popular site for many fishermen from near and far. Little ice huts scattered all over the bay, smoke puffing from the chimneys as the patrons wait patiently for a bite. Now, as the winter freeze is slowly thawing, we are seeing the huts pack up and leave, one by one.

Did you know; the end of the ice fishing season is said to be the most fun? With more sunshine beaming through the ice, you’ll have a better chance locating your favourite catch. This frenzied activity is brought on by the spring time spawn migration. Spring time spawn species like northern pike will begin to congregate around the mouths of large, shallow, weedy bays. That being said, enjoy this crazy experience but be aware that the bigger, plump fish are most likely carrying eggs. This is a good time to practice a catch and release so future fishermen can appreciate the bounty that Lake Lauzon has to offer.

What were the highlights of your ice fishing season? Any special catches, tips or tricks that you’re willing to share?

We would love to know, send us a message with your best pictures!

‘Til next year!

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