Ice Fishing Tip #9 – Stay on the Move


Were nearing the end of our Outdoor Canada ice fishing tips. We have here #9, "Stay on the Move".  

"Catching lake trout during the winter is easy. The hard part is finding them. Many hardwater anglers spend far too much time fishing over deep structure-underwater points and reefs in the middle of the lake in 80 to 100 feet of water. Instead, it's much wiser to drill holes over and around structure in moderately deep water of 20 to 40 feet. And since lake trout—particularly the giant—-are meat eaters, serve them a hearty, four-inch tube jig, Williams Ice Jig or airplane jig in gold, silver or white or a baitfish pattern. Finally, don't forget that lakers are never numerous, at least not compared with walleye, pike and panfish, and they're always on the move. So keep mobile—30 minutes at one spot with no action means it's time to roll."