Ice Fishing Tip #8 – Look for the Lunkers


…And by lunkers were meaning Lake Trout! It seems like lake trout are easier to get to in the winter. Read more about it in ice fishing tip #8.

"Winter is unquestionably the best time of the year to catch lake trout because the fish are generally easy to get to, they never stop feeding and you don't need any special equipment. Winter's also the best time to catch a trophy laker of eye-popping proportions if you concentrate on big lakes with a history of producing big fish. You usually catch the largest trout from the biggest lakes because the fish can find places to hide from anglers for the number of years it takes them to grow to trophy proportions. Bigger waters also offer a smorgasbord of high-quality forage such as ciscoes, shad, smelt, suckers and whitefish. Finally, big trout lakes typically have plenty of bait-filled shallow areas the fish don't inhabit in the summer because the water is too warm. But that isn't a problem in the wintertime, and the plentiful food supply becomes available to them."