Ice Fishing Tip #7: Wait for the Walleye


Outdoor Canada's ice fishing tip #7. Wait for the walleye.

"While dusk and dawn are the prime feeding periods for walleye, dusk is the more active of the two. But this daily feeding frenzy develops much earlier—usually 30 to 45 minutes before sunset—than most anglers realize. That's because walleye are triggered to feed when the light fades fastest, which in early and mid-winter is when the sun is sitting on or just above the horizon. So make sure you're out on the ice at least an hour before that, waiting. That way, you'll often be catching the fish when other anglers are only just walking onto the ice. Also be sure to pre-drill plenty of holes—covering a variety of depths—in advance of this half-hour whirlwind of activity so you can follow the wave of walleye."