Ice Fishing Tip #4 – Serve up the option


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"Most provinces permit ice fishing with two lines, so why not maximize your chances by offering something different on each line? When chasing crappie and perch, rig one line with a tiny, 1/32-ounce jig tipped with a maggot or wax worm, and the other with a bigger, more colourful, 1/16- or 1/8-ounce jig tipped with a lively emerald shiner hooked lightly through the lips. For walleye and sauger, drop a lively minnow tethered to a jig down one hole (use a tip-sensitive deadstick rod hanging over a pail) and aggressively jig a spoon or swimming jig in another. With pike, set out a foot-long, freshly killed ciscoe or sucker on a quick-strike rig in one hole, then jig a spoon in a second hole. Finally, for lake trout, jig with a rod in each hand—one baited with a white, scented Exude or Berkley Power tube on a 1/8- to 3/8-ounce jig (the best winter lake trout combination) and the other rigged with a Williams spoon or airplane lure. When you jig with two rods like this, you can increase your odds of success even more by working different depths."

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