Ice Fishing Tip #2 – Get to the Point.


Outdoor Canada has an excellent list of ice fishing tips that we will be sharing with you here at Lake Lauzon Resort. The second tip is "get to the point". 

"I honestly don't know why, but one thing I've learned from drilling holes in the ice for 50 years is that long, tapering underwater points are often the very best features to fish in the winter. This holds true for crappie, perch, pike, sauger, trout, walleye and whitefish. Reefs, humps, shoals and other structures can also be good, but give me a series of underwater points that lead to deep water and I'm a happy ice angler. And it doesn't matter if the points are attached to the mainland or offshore islands—they all generally reign supreme under a blanket of ice and snow."

Check back again soon for the next tip!