Ice Fishing Tip #10 – End with the Best


And last, but not least, ice fishing tip #10 from Outdoor Canada, "End with the Best". 

"If you can only go fishing a few times this winter, make sure it's at the end of the season. As the amount of daylight increases and the ice begins to honeycomb, most species-with the exception of lake trout and whitefish, which spawn in the fall-move toward the areas where they'll eventually lay their eggs. As a result, you'll find perch, sauger and walleye congregating in ever-greater numbers at the mouths of inflowing creeks, rivers and streams, as well as along windswept, rocky shorelines. Pike, on the other hand, start massing around the mouths of large, shallow, weedy bays, while black crappie flock toward small, black-bottomed coves or anywhere green pencil reeds flourish in the spring. All of this makes for the best ice fishing of the season. Just remember that the larger fish, even the plump perch and crappie, are most likely carrying eggs. So enjoy the frenzied activity—even keep a few small, immature fish for dinner—but release the larger ones. That way, we can all enjoy putting these ice-fishing tips to use for many more years to come."

Thank you  Outdoor Canada for the great tips! 

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Top 10 ice-fishing tips

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