Ice Fishing Tip #1 – Start on a Slope


Here at Lake Lauzon Resort we love ice fishing! We have assembled the best ice fishing tips from We will be posting a great tip every so often.

First tip: Start on a Slope

“The first question on the minds of most eager ice anglers is where to start fishing when the ice fishing season begins. The answer's the same whether you're targeting panfish, pike, sauger, trout, walleye or whitefish: start where you left the fish in the fall. Since I normally don't put my boat to bed until the snow and ice drive me off the water, I've learned that the best late-fall, open-water locations are also typically my best first-ice spots. If you didn't fish the open water late into the season, however, start by setting up on the best-looking classic structure—underwater points, rocky shoals and sunken reefs. Once you find these high-potential areas, you need to zero in on the portion of structure closest to, and with the fastest drop into, the deepest water in the area. Remember, too, that the fish may not be on the actual slope itself-they may be on the structure—but they'll never be far from the edge. Fish relate to these breaks because they offer quick access to a variety of depths and food sources. Essentially, the fish can simply slide up or down the break to access their preferred conditions.”

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