Exploring Winter

Exploring Winter

Exploring Winter

Now, some of you might be wondering why anyone would want to go exploring in the winter. Freezing winds, snow everywhere, ice hiding under your feet. Once the holidays have passed, winter can become quite dull. We certainly don’t need any more reasons to bundle up with a hot cup of cider, but when that one nice, sunny and not so frozen day comes, you’ll be happy to have some fun outdoor winter activities to enjoy.

Whether you prefer to bundle up and hit the slopes on your skis, take a shot at ice fishing, skating or dusting off the old snowmobile, take the time to enjoy the beauty around you! After all, it’s only winter for 6 months! (Haha!)

I’ve noticed, with the opportunity of being surrounded by beauty, that winter in Algoma has a lot to offer.

Next time you’re out, enjoying the sunshine reflecting off of the freshly fallen snow, take a look around. See those paw prints, or hoof tracks? What about that cute little chickadee, chirping and also enjoying a day of fresh air. Plan a day of scavenging, digging around, tracking wildlife.

You may just be surprised as to how much you can discover during the winter.

Just remember to bundle up, and a thermos of hot cocoa never hurts!

Enjoy Exploring Winter!