Closer look at Lauzon: Inlets and Islands

Closer look at Lauzon: Inlets and Islands

Lake Lauzon stretches 11km long, and has many islands, inlets, bays, channels and shoals. With over 140km of shoreline, there is so much wilderness to explore. The breathtaking views are impressive first-hand, whether you choose to adventure by canoe, kayak, pontoon or boat.

Some of the islands to keep an eye out for are Bell’s Island, O’Dwyer Island, Sugar Island, and Blueberry Island, to name a few. Lake Lauzon hosts 14 islands in total, each ranging from 1.5km to 8km!

For all the avid fishermen and kayak enthusiasts, each bay is worth checking out. Our favourite bay would be Lauzon Bay, clearly we may be biased. We do, however, believe that you can do just about all your fishing, swimming, and sight seeing straight from our little bay. If you want to adventure further, other Bay’s in Lake Lauzon would be Fishermen’s Bay, Bootleggers Bay and of course Allen Bay, at a 6km distance it is the furthest away from the resort.

Each nook and cranny of the lake has something to offer, explore and discover. There really is no better way to reconnect with nature, and yourself.

For more information on Lauzon’s geography, follow the link below.