Beaches on the North Shore

Beaches along the North Shore


Along the North Shore there are two main beaches, the Lake Lauzon Beach and the Four Sands Beach.  Both may be considered some of our "best kept secrets in the area" because they are not well advertised.  Visitors are welcome to enjoy them.  The North Shore of Lake Huron is also very scenic for those who also enjoy scenic views . The beaches are easily accessable from the Trans Canada Highway 17.    Remember, drive slowly so as not to miss them.

Lake Lauzon Beach is located on the north side of the highway in Algoma Mills.  Turn in at the Lauzon Village Road.  This beach provides change rooms and a washroom facility.  The beach is well maintained.  There is a small playground on site. It has one of the greatest sunset views in the whole province.  Visitors often stop in at the Lake Lauzon Resort to take pictures of the sunset.  At the same time, they may enjoy a tasty ice cream from Farquar's Dairy, a local and well known, tasty ice cream.

You will be happy after taking a break with the kids as you travel along Highway 17 between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie.

The second beach is the Four Sands Beach. It is located on the south side of the Trans Canada Highway 17, just east of Blind River.  The water on Lake Huron has dropped by about 4 ft over the past few years which has created a unique beach with many sand bars. The facities are not much.  It is a "must see"  beach for its sand bars and scenic view of the North Channel islands.

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                                                                                                               Lake Lauzon Beach

Beaches on the North Shore