3 Ways to Choose a Bed and Breakfast








With our new Bed and Breakfast, here at Lake Lauzon Resort, we meet many who prefer to stay in bed and breakfasts while on vacation. The reasons we hear are anywhere from, supporting small buisness to enjoying the serenety that comes with a small establishment. Most people have the own list of criteria that they consider before booking; what is served for breakfast, view, bed size, etc.

This article discusses the best way to choose a good bed and breakfast. The author breaks the process down into 3 simple steps.

First, it is important to do research on-line. Booking in advance is very important (in most cases) and looking on-line allows you to view various locations without having to drive around.

Next, travellers should make use of toursit information centers. They are a valuable resource with knowlegable staff that will help you in finding the perfect bed and breakfast.

Third, check the information on the room you have considered. What is the price? What is included in the price? Be sure to know so you aren't caught with unexpected expenses.

Here at the Lake Lauzon Bed and Breakfast, we have information available on our Bed and Breakfast tab on the home page. Be sure to inform yourself about our facilities. Our Bed and Breakfast rooms each have a comfortable queen sized bed, cable television, mini fridge and microwave. Fresh towels, beach towels and cozy house coats are available for your convienence. Each room has a walk-out view of the lake and access to the patio and hot tub. For breakfast, Sharon will prepare a homemade breakfast of your choice, including anything from poached eggs and bacon to fluffy blueberry pancakes with Canadian maple syrup.