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Fried Fish: Pan


Fried Fish: Pan



A Northern Ontario classic. I’m sure at least one member of each family in this province has their own special fried fish recipe. Here’s mine!

4-6 fish filets of your choosing
Vegetable oil
½ cup flour
2 tbsp cornstarch
¼ cup cornmeal
¼ cup bread crumbs
1 tsp mustard powder
1 tsp chili powder
2 eggs

First step to fried fish, mix your flour and cornstarch. Season generously with salt and pepper
Next, mix cornmeal and bread crumbs with seasonings and salt and pepper
Whisk eggs, add a splash of water to thin. 
Heat your pan over medium heat with ¼ inch of oil


This will be a three step breading process.
Start with the flour, then dip in eggs, finally coat with cornmeal mixture. 
Place fish in frying pan, cook until golden brown on both sides.

Put your own spin on the Fried Fish classic, and enjoy!

My Favourite Things #5


Another of my favourite things to do at Lake Lauzon Resort is to stroll past the trailer park and head to the edge of the resort’s property to enjoy the view of the white water. The dam at Lake Lauzon leads to a quick moving brook that flows to Lake Huron. At different times in the year there are different sights to be seen. The salmon run is a fantastic sight in the fall and the spring water is high and exciting. Watching the brook at any time of the year is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Spring is Near


It’s officially March and even though we have loads of snow and many more storms in the forecast spring is at arm’s reach. In the past, we’ve seen signs of spring by St-Patrick’s day. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be this lucky this year, but at least we’re getting there. Hopefully by April we’ll be seeing the birds, the flowers and the lake.

Planning your Summer: Family Pontoon Tours


Here at a Lake Lauzon Resort we pride ourselves on supplying fun for the entire family! One thing we love to do is take the whole gang on a pontoon ride! Families pack their favourite snacks and drinks and we head off on the lake for some sightseeing, swimming and great family fun! 

If you are interested in a summer family trip, contact us anytime. We are open all winter and accepting bookings. 

See you at the lake! 

Winter Activity: Decorate your Ice Fishing Hut

ice lantern

Does your ice fishing hut need some sprucing up or are you just looking for something to do-it-yourself to pass the time on the ice? Cottage Life has posted a video on some easy and fun ways to spruce up your shack.

One way is to create ice lanterns. Using lake water, a bucket mold and sub-zero temperatures you can easily create ice lanterns to make evenings on the ice decorative and a bit more magical. 

Watch this video to see how it's done. 


North Channel Inshore Provincial Park

Not far up hwy 17 from Lake Lauzon Resort is the North Channel Inshore Provincial Park near Massey, Ontario. As a non-operating park, there are no facilities or resources available, but it doesn’t change the natural beauty available to campers and hikers alike.

The park protects 30 kilometers of Lake Huron coastline. Activities in the summer include, hiking, sailing and swimming. Winter activities include skiing, snowshoeing and sightseeing.

Only a short drive up the road from Lake Lauzon Resort, the park would make a great day trip for those visiting the lake and looking for some adventure.

Check out the official site for the park here.

lake huron

Winter Activity: The Boom Camp trails


The Boom Camp Trails, just outside of Blind River, are a great place to spend a sunny winter afternoon. With groomed x-country ski trails, beautiful views and exceptional wildlife, the Boom Camp holds many options for winter activities.

Here at Lake Lauzon Resort, we often spend our days off at the Boom Camp either hiking or snowshoeing. Bundling up at the car, we start off on the groomed trails. After a kilometer or two we find ourselves trekking along the great Huron coast! The views are spectacular and are totally worth the 10 minute drive from the resort.

Looking for a great family winter outing in the Algoma area? Consider spending some time on the Boom Camp trails.

Click here for more information. 

Childhood Memories: Fishing with Dad

 fishing with dad

Now that summer is over, we have been thinking about all the fun that happened here at Lake Lauzon Resort. The most memorable summers are the ones remembered by little kids. There is nothing greater than a childhood memory, sitting on the docks or in a boat with your father, enjoying the sun, the breeze and the exhilaration of the big catch.

To book your 2015 summer fishing adventure with your children call and book today. We're looking forward to see you!


Hiking on Lauzon’s North Shore

hike 1

We spent a day having an adventure on Lake Lauzon's North Shore. After a boat ride across the lake from the resort, we landed on the secluded shores of Lake Lauzon. After finding a trail we hiked through the woods seeing many amazing sights. The North Shore of Lake Lauzon is covered in hidden trails, swamps, mountains and lakes just waiting to be discovered.

Interested in having such an experience? Spend a weekend at Lake Lauzon Resort. Our Bed and Breakfast is ready to send you off on your adventure after a good rest and a full belly.

hike 2

hike 4

hike 3

Beaver Dam near Red Lake


We are always amazed with the sort of nature we find around Lake Lauzon. Last weekend we found this beaver dam near the entrance to Red Lake. The passage way from Lake Lauzon to Red Lake is a narrow stream, just big enough to fit a small boat.

What a great opportunity to see such unfiltered wildlife!! The air was fresh, the water was cool and the experience memorable.

At Lake Lauzon Resort we truly are on the edge of wilderness.




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