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Northern Lights in Ontario

Northern Lights



Having the opportunity to see one of Northern Ontario's most beautiful spectacle is something most people can only dream of. In Northern Ontario, we are so lucky to catch a glimpse of the not so frequent Northern Lights. During September, October and throughout the winter months, you have a higher chance of catching the sun’s charged particles. During this time of year, there is a shortage of sunlight, and the darkness is the ideal time to see the colorful array of the Aurora Borealis. You can spot just about every color in the spectrum when the Northern sky is perfectly clear.

Here is a link to increase your odds of viewing these magical moments in Northern Ontario

View the Northern Lights

Fried Fish: Pan


Fried Fish: Pan



A Northern Ontario classic. I’m sure at least one member of each family in this province has their own special fried fish recipe. Here’s mine!

4-6 fish filets of your choosing
Vegetable oil
½ cup flour
2 tbsp cornstarch
¼ cup cornmeal
¼ cup bread crumbs
1 tsp mustard powder
1 tsp chili powder
2 eggs

First step to fried fish, mix your flour and cornstarch. Season generously with salt and pepper
Next, mix cornmeal and bread crumbs with seasonings and salt and pepper
Whisk eggs, add a splash of water to thin. 
Heat your pan over medium heat with ¼ inch of oil


This will be a three step breading process.
Start with the flour, then dip in eggs, finally coat with cornmeal mixture. 
Place fish in frying pan, cook until golden brown on both sides.

Put your own spin on the Fried Fish classic, and enjoy!

My Favourite Things #7


One thing that I feel many love about Lake Lauzon is the chance to visit with new and old friends. You quickly become part of the Lake Lauzon Resort family after spending a short time with us. There is always a friendly face nearby who is willing to stop a chat. Conversations with strangers in the lake or on the dock quickly lead to late night bon fires and drinks on the lawn. Pop-up music jam sessions are a great way to gather people and enjoy the sunset. We look forward to seeing you this summer!


Friend Reunion

Girl weekend out

Water Over the Dam

Oct192013 154

The dam that leads from Lake Lauzon into the brook that flows into Lake Huron is on the outside part of Lake Lauzon Resort's property. Already this year with the small amount of thawing we've seen the water is already overflowing the brooks regular boundaries and has been flooding the land around. If we are seeing this much water already, who knows how wet our spring will be… 

Check out Lake Lauzon Resort's facebook page to watch a video of the flood.


The Birds of Lake Lauzon


The Lake Huron Centre For Coastal Conservation has a webpage on Lake Huron’s coastal bird population. It states that “Lake Huron is home to a number of migratory and colonial waterbirds" and the "health and abundance of these birds can give us clues about the health of the coastal environment.” The page then goes on to introduce a few of the birds commonly found in the area, such as the Caspian Tern or the Herring Gull. Check out the website for more information on coastal Lake Huron birds.

10 Best Hiking Trails in Canada


Made Man online magazine is a popular source for all things entertainment, sports, food & drink and style. They have recently posted a list of the 10 Best Hiking Trails in Canada. The good news… Blind River's very own Boom Camp has been placed at number 5. We have known for years how great the Boom Camp is, but it is great to see the rest of Canada is recognizing it too. 

Made Man writes: "The 10 best hiking trails in Canada are not necessarily the most difficult to find. Canada is a country rich in beauty making their wilderness and trails a delight to tackle. Enjoy breathtaking views when hiking trails in Canada. Close to Blind River, Ontario, this hiking trail in Canada is mainly for intermediate hikers. You can see the coast and the trail varies between mud, rock, and gravel."

To check out the entire article, read here

Isn’t this the truth…


This can't be more than true. Don't you agree? 

Life at the lake represents all that is good in life. Good weather, friends and family, the great outdoors. Being close to the water brings about so much fun! Boating, fishing, swimming or just sitting on the dock. 


Beginners Guide to Snowmobiling Touring


Northern Ontario Travel has posted a great beginners guide to Snowmobiling Touring. They have made a list of important things to consider before making your first trip. Their article goes over important steps such as "Where to Start", "Baby Steps" and "Study a Map". 

They also make the great suggestion of planning for the worst case:

"As much fun as snowmobiling is, the nature of the activity places you in a less than hospitable environment. Sub-zero temperatures and a long way from help, any complications on the trail and your survival is on you. First aid kit, starting a fire, shelter, repairs, think about it, plan for it, hopefully you will never need to apply it."

To read the entire Northern Ontario Travel guide click here




Floating Dock Barge


At Lake Lauzon Resort, our docks are not your normal dock! They are superb! They float, stay in the lake all year round and they can also become a barge! 

Last year here at Lake Lauzon, we built a floating dock barge to transport our ATV's from one point of the lake to the other.

We have also created leisure barges, which are used for swimming, eating or fishing. 


Be sure to stop by the lake this summer to see our unique docks! 

Winter Activity: Decorate your Ice Fishing Hut

ice lantern

Does your ice fishing hut need some sprucing up or are you just looking for something to do-it-yourself to pass the time on the ice? Cottage Life has posted a video on some easy and fun ways to spruce up your shack.

One way is to create ice lanterns. Using lake water, a bucket mold and sub-zero temperatures you can easily create ice lanterns to make evenings on the ice decorative and a bit more magical. 

Watch this video to see how it's done. 


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