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Fried Fish: Pan


Fried Fish: Pan



A Northern Ontario classic. I’m sure at least one member of each family in this province has their own special fried fish recipe. Here’s mine!

4-6 fish filets of your choosing
Vegetable oil
½ cup flour
2 tbsp cornstarch
¼ cup cornmeal
¼ cup bread crumbs
1 tsp mustard powder
1 tsp chili powder
2 eggs

First step to fried fish, mix your flour and cornstarch. Season generously with salt and pepper
Next, mix cornmeal and bread crumbs with seasonings and salt and pepper
Whisk eggs, add a splash of water to thin. 
Heat your pan over medium heat with ¼ inch of oil


This will be a three step breading process.
Start with the flour, then dip in eggs, finally coat with cornmeal mixture. 
Place fish in frying pan, cook until golden brown on both sides.

Put your own spin on the Fried Fish classic, and enjoy!

Ice Fishing Tip #10 – End with the Best


And last, but not least, ice fishing tip #10 from Outdoor Canada, "End with the Best". 

"If you can only go fishing a few times this winter, make sure it's at the end of the season. As the amount of daylight increases and the ice begins to honeycomb, most species-with the exception of lake trout and whitefish, which spawn in the fall-move toward the areas where they'll eventually lay their eggs. As a result, you'll find perch, sauger and walleye congregating in ever-greater numbers at the mouths of inflowing creeks, rivers and streams, as well as along windswept, rocky shorelines. Pike, on the other hand, start massing around the mouths of large, shallow, weedy bays, while black crappie flock toward small, black-bottomed coves or anywhere green pencil reeds flourish in the spring. All of this makes for the best ice fishing of the season. Just remember that the larger fish, even the plump perch and crappie, are most likely carrying eggs. So enjoy the frenzied activity—even keep a few small, immature fish for dinner—but release the larger ones. That way, we can all enjoy putting these ice-fishing tips to use for many more years to come."

Thank you  Outdoor Canada for the great tips! 

Check out the whole article in the link below.

Happy Fishing

Ice Fishing Tip #8 – Look for the Lunkers


…And by lunkers were meaning Lake Trout! It seems like lake trout are easier to get to in the winter. Read more about it in ice fishing tip #8.

"Winter is unquestionably the best time of the year to catch lake trout because the fish are generally easy to get to, they never stop feeding and you don't need any special equipment. Winter's also the best time to catch a trophy laker of eye-popping proportions if you concentrate on big lakes with a history of producing big fish. You usually catch the largest trout from the biggest lakes because the fish can find places to hide from anglers for the number of years it takes them to grow to trophy proportions. Bigger waters also offer a smorgasbord of high-quality forage such as ciscoes, shad, smelt, suckers and whitefish. Finally, big trout lakes typically have plenty of bait-filled shallow areas the fish don't inhabit in the summer because the water is too warm. But that isn't a problem in the wintertime, and the plentiful food supply becomes available to them."


Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures

Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures


lauzon Joe 

Overlooking Lake Lauzon this resort boasts year round fishing. Free Wi-Fi is provided in all rooms. A hot breakfast is included. Huron Pines Golf & Country Club is 15 minutes’ drive away.

Simply furnished, the rooms at Lake Lauzon Resort feature wooden décor. Each opens out onto a communal sun deck overlooking lake Lauzon.

Barbecue facilities are available for use at Resort Lake Lauzon. Activities include canoeing, ice fishing and snowshoeing. Guests can relax in the sauna and hot tub after exploring the surrounding area.

North Channel Islands Provincial Park is 45 minutes’ drive away. Timber Village Museum is 8.1 miles from this property.

Truly we are located on the edge of the wilderness. This is the ultimate Northern Ontario Fishing Adventure.

 Take advantage of our American plan (See our Rates) and book your all inclusive trip to the North for a Adventure on one of the greatest and most accessible lakes in Cananda.

 This spring has been exceptiona for Lake Trout fishing. Come and enjoy the fun.

Lake Lauzon Resort has been a world famous fishing destination for over 60 years. Lake Lauzon is a magnificent lake with over 144 klm of shore line.

Here are a few reviews.


"Totally enjoyed the hospitality, awesome breakfast made to order, view of the lakes and surroundings – awesome. Fridge stocked with soda, juice and water at no extra charage. Also included a microwave. Lovely stay."


"We arrived at the resort on the night of the super moon at the end of June and Sharon and Marc (and Charlie, the dog) made us feel very welcome. They took us out on the lake to see the amazing sunset and the huge red moon rise. It is a very picturesque spot. Breakfast the next morning was delicious. We would definitely stay here again if we are in the area!"


"Loved the warm & friendly atmosphere, the privacy, the hot tub on our deck, all the facilities available, and the opportunity to go biking, hiking, canoeing and fishing or just chilling. Even had live entertainment in the dining room on our first night! Fantastic!"

 Welcome to the great

Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures at Lake Lauzon Resort

Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures

Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures Northern Ontario Fishing Adventures




Late Season Catches

Even though the warm season is coming to an end, we still have many anglers out on Lake Lauzon catching some great fish! It never seems to slow down around here.

Here are a couple great examples:




If you want to get out on the Lake for that last catch of the season it's not too late! We are open throughout the fall and our Bed and Breakfast is open all season. Contact us for your accommodations.

Beautiful Lauzon Lake Trout



Though the season is at an end, it is still amazing to think of the beautiful lake trout caught on Lake Lauzon. Here at Lake Lauzon Resort, we see beautiful trout, like this one posted, throughout the season.

We can't wait to see what beauties we'll see next summer. To book your ultimate finishing vacation on the edge of the wilderness contact the resort for accommodations. We have cabins, tent sites and an excellent bed and breakfast. Book now for the 2015 finishing season.

Ice-Fishing: Top 10 Tips

Check out this monster Lake Trout caught right here in Northern Ontario

The other day we found Outdoor Canada'sTop 10 ice-fishing tips on The article is full of useful tips.

Friends from around the lake have been setting up their hut's in the Bay. Recently, a 29lb trout was caught just around the corner… maybe we'll have a few more big catches this season.


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