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Fried Fish: Pan


Fried Fish: Pan



A Northern Ontario classic. I’m sure at least one member of each family in this province has their own special fried fish recipe. Here’s mine!

4-6 fish filets of your choosing
Vegetable oil
½ cup flour
2 tbsp cornstarch
¼ cup cornmeal
¼ cup bread crumbs
1 tsp mustard powder
1 tsp chili powder
2 eggs

First step to fried fish, mix your flour and cornstarch. Season generously with salt and pepper
Next, mix cornmeal and bread crumbs with seasonings and salt and pepper
Whisk eggs, add a splash of water to thin. 
Heat your pan over medium heat with ¼ inch of oil


This will be a three step breading process.
Start with the flour, then dip in eggs, finally coat with cornmeal mixture. 
Place fish in frying pan, cook until golden brown on both sides.

Put your own spin on the Fried Fish classic, and enjoy!

World Class Bass Fishing

photo(33)At Lake Lauzon we have world class bass fishing – even in the fall! It's amazing to see all the beautiful fish coming out of Lake Lauzon this September. The crisp air, beautiful colours in the trees and the warm sun create an amazing scene for all anglers out on the lake.

Contact us to book your world class bass fishing getaway. It isn't too late yet!


Late Season Catches

Even though the warm season is coming to an end, we still have many anglers out on Lake Lauzon catching some great fish! It never seems to slow down around here.

Here are a couple great examples:




If you want to get out on the Lake for that last catch of the season it's not too late! We are open throughout the fall and our Bed and Breakfast is open all season. Contact us for your accommodations.

The fishing season is not over yet…


The days are getting shorter, the wind is cooling down, nights are bringing the frost, but… the fishing season is not over yet! We have seen some beautiful catches the past few weeks. It's not too late now to bring your rod and catch a few before the ice fishing season starts.

Interested in ice fishing? Lake Lauzon has amazing fish all year long! Our Bed and Breakfast is open all winter! Start your day with a nice warm breakfast and spend your days on the lake catching frosty fish. Happy Fishing!


Ice Fishing Blind River Camping

Blind River Camping

Blind River Camping

Ice Fishing Blind River Camping

Beautiful Day on Lake Lauzon. We have a choices to enjoy the winter outdoors or to spend it inside. We just finished a wonderful snowshoe around the bay at Lake Lauzon Resort. near Blind River. Camping can be a all year event. What a great way to pass the winter months enjoying the great outdoors. Now time to hit the Hot tub.





                         Ice Fishing Blind River Camping


The Township of the North Shore is located in Northern Ontario along the North Channel of Lake Huron. Our three primary villages of Algoma Mills, Spragge and Serpent River are situated along the Highway 17 corridor approximately half-way between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury








Blind River Camping

Blind River Camping

Salmon Spawning 2012 Lake Lauzon Resort

The Salmon are coming the Salmon Are coming.


What an amazing sight to see. At Lake Lauzon Resort the Pink and the Coho Salmon are doing their annual Dance in Lake Lauzon Creek.

Huge Bass at Lake Lauzon Resort

Fishing Northern Ontario

This past week has been quite memorable. The weather was great and the fishing was remarkable! Best of all, the company was fantastic.

To top it all off, the catch of a humongous 22 inch bass made sure this was a week to remember. 












Lake Lauzon Resort "where memories are made"


Fishing Northern Ontario

Fishing Northern Ontario

What a wonderful day of fun and Fishing at Lake Lauzon Resort

Great Catch at Lake Lauzon Resort

End of a perfect day


The Weather, family and fishing was just perfect. What a treat to spend the weekend at Lake Lauzon Resort and catch so many large small mouth bass on one trip.


Three Big Bass on one trip. Great fishing experience.


Memories Summer Family Fun

Memories of a Fun Summer with the Family. 

You work hard all year and you finally get a chance to take a week or two to get out on the vast, quiet, clean, and clear waters of Lake Lauzon. Days like this are rare and priceless. What value can you put on time like this? What value can you put on the memories that keep on paying dividends forever? After days like this everyday is a good day. Lake Lauzon is also a great addition to your Michigan camping experience. Don't forget to bring your camping gear for the special outdoor experience.







Large mouth bass protecting spawning bed near the docks at Lake Lauzon Resort.




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