Ah, Spring!

Only 26 days until we welcome the 2nd most beloved time of year.

Snow melting, longer hours of sunshine, little tree buds starting to think about what they might look like once they bloom.

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves, we have 26 more days to enjoy the remaining of our 2018 Winter.

There’s still ice to be skated on, fish to be caught, skis to be worn, snow shoes ready to take you on an adventure.

What have your favourite highlights of this winter been? Your big family snowmobiling group, your long weekend ice fishing when you caught that 9 lb fish, cruising around town to catch a glimpse of the Christmas lights?

Winter may have it’s blues, but there are so many highlights!

Take time and enjoy the final 26 days of winter, spring is just around the corner!

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

We offer three cozy beautiful little Bed and Breakfast rooms here at Lake Lauzon Resort.

Each room includes an extra comfy Queen size bed, fitted with only the softest of sheets, towels and housecoats, a television, coffee machine and some complimentary snacks.

Along with your stay, we offer access to a cedar wood sauna sitting on the edge of the frozen lake, a hot tub under the Algoma stars, and access to trails and many winter activities around the resort and surrounding area; such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing, just to name a few!

All rooms are north facing towards our beautiful Lake Lauzon, it’s a spectacular view to enjoy with your morning coffee!

Call to inquire about pricing and availability!

We look forward to hosting you!



Fish ‘N Canada

Fish ‘N Canada

This spring, we will be hosting the staff and crew for Fish ‘N Canada as they capture the beauty and bounty of the North Channel at Lake Lauzon Resort!

They will be highlighting the local hot spots, fishing seasons and species we have in our area.

Stay tuned for more updates and news on this exciting adventure!


Family Day Weekend 2018

Family Day Weekend 2018


Family Day. DNA Day. Kickin’ Kin Weekend. Relatively Relative Day.

Whatever you call it, it’s a wonderful reason for a 3 day weekend. Kids, Parents, In-laws, Cousins, Sisters, Brothers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, 2nd cousins three times removed, you get it. The bigger the group, the better!

At Lake Lauzon Resort, we can accommodate the whole clan (well, up to 6)!

With our three spacious B&B rooms and many on site activities, it’ll be a weekend nobody will forget!

Guests can choose from all sorts of winter themed events. Such as an outdoor hot tub, lake side cedar sauna, free use of snow shoes with ample trails to explore, skating, and much more!

Plus, the breakfast in the morning served by non other then resident Chef Sharon, will keep you warm all day!

Check out availability and rates on our website, or call us at 705-849-0007 and join us Family Day Weekend 2018!


P.S. Would make a pretty romantic last minute Valentine’s surprise. (hint hint, nudge nudge)





Knitting Workshop

Knitting Workshop

Join us, April 14th & 15th for our annual knitting workshop!

Hosted by the talented Deb Gemmell, you will learn a thing or two!

Registration includes instruction knitting book, lunch and two coffee breaks.

Classes begin at 9AM and end at 4:30PM

Workshop is $113/taxes included.

Contact Sharon to register and book at 705-849-0007

Register early, spaces fill up quickly! Lots of fun to be had!




Cornstock 2018

Come join us for the afternoon of August 18th for Lake Lauzon’s 5th Annual Cornstock Family Festival!

Smoked corn, barbecue, ice cream and last but not least, a beautiful lake front venue!

Enjoy the beach, the water, family activites and some great local talent!

Stay tuned, Musician Line up to come!


Snowshoeing Algoma

Snowshoeing Algoma

At Lake Lauzon, we have access to some of the nicest trails in the Algoma area. One of our favourites, the Voyageur Trail, is one of the largest trails in Ontario. Spanning 600km between Manitoulin and Thunder Bay. The trail is a great way to spot some of Ontario’s deepest natural beauty, lakes, trees and wildlife. Everyone should have a part of this trail on their bucketlist!

When Snowshoeing Algoma, be sure to take time to check out the Boom Camp Trails. In Blind River’s West end, you can hop on this trail at any time of year, no matter your transportation method. It will take you to a beautiful little inlet on Lake Huron, it’s quite the view at sunset!

Interested in Snowshoeing in Algoma? Give us a shout or check out the link below for more information on our local trails.

Happy Snowshoeing!


Superhost Airbnb!

Superhost Airbnb!


Just a quick shout out to all of our guests, from far and wide. We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for all of you lovely folks.

For 2017, we have received the title of Superhost Airbnb! We are so thankful, grateful and humbled by our opportunity to run this beautiful resort. Lake Lauzon has clearly won over the hearts of many, but our word of fun, sun spotted summer days has yet to reach everybody!

We have some work cut out for us!

What’s your favourite part of Lake Lauzon Resort?

The water, the fishing, the ice cream, the boats, the bed & breakfast, the tenting, the camping, the bonfires, the marshmallows, the friends and family, the barbecue, the trails, the birds, the adventure. Let us know!


Winter Activities In Ontario

Winter Activities in Ontario



In Ontario, there is never a shortage of activities to do outside no matter the season! We’re so lucky to have such a rich environment, filled with beautiful trails and hills, mountains and valleys. Odds are, you’ve explored a fair amount of your surrounding area, but there’s so much more out there waiting for you!

At Lake Lauzon, we couldn’t of asked for a better location to call home. It feels as if the environment completely changes each season, always hiding different surprises. If you ever have a chance, come visit and borrow a pair of snowshoes. Start in one direction, and you’re bound to find something to write home about! Whether it’s a beautiful landscape, cute little paw prints, pure serenity or even a big old moose, it’ll be a highlight of your season!

What are your favourite winter activities in Ontario? Snowmobiling, skating, ice fishing, curling, building snowmen? Let us know and stay warm!

Winter Hot Tub

Winter Hot Tub


Winter hot tubs, as far as I’m concerned, are one of life’s greatest gifts. It may sound a little adventurous, or even crazy to some of you,”Why would anyone actively participate themselves to go outside in a swim suit?” Well let me tell you, it’s amazing. With the water right around 38C, the outside matching at a polar opposite -38C. Winter chill on your face, and hot water from your neck down, really can’t get much better then that. Just make sure you wear a toque, and bring your housecoat for the sprint back! Boots aren’t necessary. 😉

If you’re planning a stay at our B&B and are interested in a winter hot tub, send us a quick message and we’ll make sure it’s all ready for you!

You can spend your night trying to count the stars in Algoma.


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